About us?

This website will be looking to host all the situations that I have come across over the past few years, it will help describe the issue and how to resolve it. Within the next few weeks you will see information flow in with regards to AIX and Centos/Red Hat Linux. 

What is AIX?

AIX is a command line operating system which is developed by IBM, it is a stable OS which runs on P-Series hardware also manufactured by IBM. With this being said it allows you to manage the smallest of configurations to ensure you have 100% control of your machine. 

Also you have the ability configure a range of technologies ranging from network, storage, user management and security. The latest AIX release is AIX 7.2 which was around 2015, with the usual Service pack and TL levels coming after. 

AIX has 3 versions, standard OS – HMC (Hardware management console) and VIO (Virtual input outputs). Standard OS gives you the free roam build to manipulate what you need, HMC is a cut down version which allows you to do minimal tasks on the command line (but this OS features a GUI) and VIO which allows you to manipulate the hardware on the back end to create resilience across your LPARS (Logical Partitions).

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source OS which is based heavily on Unix, unlike AIX, Linux can be installed on things such as VMs (Virtual machines) and everyday hardware. Linux has become popular with things like apache http servers and has had great success with doing it. 


With this being said, I hope you visit for some help around your OS needs and together learn! 

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